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Investment of the Supreme Business Group in the construction of solar power plants in Ukraine

Инвестиции в строительство солнечных электростанций в Украине

Despite the fact that Ukraine is in a state of war, Western funds and financial institutions are ready to invest in the development of the country's solar energy industry, and very large sums are at stake. One of such investors could be the successful Supreme Business Group, LP.

Currently, the Supreme Business Group, LP company, started in 2015, has provisionally reserved for Ukraine $ 3 to $ 5 million to launch the first of 20 lines of 5 MW solar power plants.

According to Kasnak, it is planned to gradually build a complex of stations with an aggregate capacity of 1 GW. To implement the project, the company requested 10 hectares of land for a start. The total area of solar power plants according to the development plan will be about 2000 hectares.

Also, a company representative in Ukraine said that as a result of this cooperation, Supreme Business Group, LP will demonstrate to local enterprises how to benefit from clean solar energy, and how in the near future to smooth the growth of electricity costs for Ukrainian consumers, compensating for peak daily consumption. As the European experience shows, the development of electric transport allows to effectively accumulate solar energy in the daytime.

"Supreme Business Group, LP, is a live communication platform that can become a serious catalyst for the development of new Ukrainian energy. After all, in fact, the time has come when Ukraine can take considerable financial advantages out of the current negative situation, something like what West Germany received as a result of the Second World War", explained Jamil Kasnak.

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