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Trust management of commercial real estate

The main aspects of property management

  • Functional aspect
  • Operational aspect
  • Economic aspect

Property management is a complex trust management of real estate to the benefit of the owner.

Property management is a mechanism to arrange a passive income. The mechanism is aimed at lobbying the interests of the property owner.

Управление коммерческой недвижимостью Ирпень, Буча, Киев. Аренда и сдача недвижимости Киево-Святошинский район

"Management Bureau" deals with all matters relating to the profit owner, such as:

  • Search for tenants via paid advertising
  • Management consulting
  • Verification of documentation of potential tenants
  • Monthly visit to the object and object status check
  • Monthly meter reading and utility billing control
  • Reception, transfer and handing over of the object according to the Act
  • Control over technical troubleshooting
  • Accepting payments from tenants for rent and utility bills
  • Primary intervention

In contrast to residential real estate, the management of commercial real estate requires the involvement of professionals, with knowledge of the important factors and experience. In "Management Bureau", we have it.

Clients of the "Management Bureau" can be both physical and legal persons owning built-in or stand-alone buildings with the adjacent territory.

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