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Commercial Real Estate Renovation

Real estate renovation is an operation with non liquid or less profitable objects, aimed at increasing the profitability and value of the object.

Renovation has become a significant trend for all major cities in the world. Industrial and operational premises with vast territories are gaining new life and attracting more and more attention.

Over the past three years, in the global non-residential real estate market, the volume of new commercial properties has decreased. On the contrary, previously unprofitable objects after the renovation began to enjoy stable demand. Europe and America have been practicing this approach for a long time. For example in Paris, there are 3.5 million m2 of areas which undergone a renovation process, and in London there are 3.4 million m2 of such areas. As a result, with less investment than for new building, objects after renovation have favorable conditions in the market.

Renovation of real estate can satisfy the demand for commercial real estate in a relatively short period, and with minimal investment.

Judging by the development of the real estate market in the world, particularly in Ukraine, it is obvious that the future belongs to the new real estate formats!

How the process of real estate renovation goes on?

The "Management Bureau" concludes a contract with the owner of the property for the delivery of renovation services, and then proceeds to a comprehensive study, which includes a number of aspects. Having identified the strengths and weaknesses of the object, "Management Bureau" provides the customer with a detailed plan of activities to turn unproductive properties into income-bearing ones, or to increase the value of the property.

In the future, real estate objects that have undergone a renovation procedure can be transferred to the Real Estate Management or simply successfully leased.

"Management Bureau" and Renovation in Ukraine

More about renovation in Ukraine

Renovation of industrial or port areas is not just a transformation of the territories of former factories or various enterprises into office, retail and residential complexes. It is rather the creation of a completely new city structure. Is such a way possible for Ukraine? Is this task feasible and relevant for us? Who can be the initiator of such projects? The company "Мanagement Вureau" was looking for responses to these questions.

Реновация старой недвижимости Украина Киеве. Примеры удачной реновации коммерческой недвижимости в Украине

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