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"Management Bureau" is a company engaged in the field of development and management of commercial real estate in Ukraine. Together with the partners, the company successfully participated in state-level projects in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea. A number of projects were implemented in order to set up foreign companies in Ukraine.

"Management Bureau" is a company that takes the lead and participates in the implementation of commercial real estate projects of various scales and levels of complexity.

"Management Bureau" today

"Management Bureau" has successful track record in system management and real estate development. The portfolio of the company contains a number of projects. Some of them are completed, and some are on the implementation stage. There are such objects as office centers, shopping and entertainment centers, versatile objects, production areas, agricultural objects, etc. Projects include: development, trust management, renovation, management consulting, leasing, concept creation, construction, operation.

"Management Bureau" Team

"Management Bureau" Team

Dmitry Aleksandrovich
Vladimir Vladimirovich
Head of Renovation of Commercial Real Estate
Yan Grigorievich
Commercial property rental specialist
Yana Alexandrovna
Head of Commercial Real Estate Brokerage
Julia Petrovna
Head of Integrated Real Estate Management

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