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Accomplished Projects

Участие в проекте по строительству ГЭС, проектная компания Украина
Participation in the project of hydro-electric power plant construction
  • Country: Equatorial Guinea
  • Object type: hydro-electric power plant
The cost of the project, fully funded by the government of the country is 292.790 million francs CFA. It is implemented in the scope of the government program "Horizon 2020".
Управление коммерческая недвижимость, реновация Харьков. Саптовский хлебозавод. Ирпень, Буча, Киев
Saltovsky bread factory
  • City: Kharkov
  • Building area: 14082,9 m2
  • Territory: 2,350 m2
As a result of 2.5 months of cooperation, over 7.000 m2 were leased at the increased rental price, and the market value of the object was also increased. Today, it amounts to more than 140 million UAH.
Управление коммерческая недвижимость, реконструкции здания Евпатори. Ирпень, Буча, Киев
Building reconstruction
  • City: Yevpatoriya
  • Building area: 2,515 m2
  • Period: 1,5 months
As a result of partnership, a project was prepared and approved for reconstruction of the building and turning it into the hotel, with the land improvement.
Аренда коммерческой недвижимости Ирпень. Разрешительная документация, управление, реновация недвижимости
Operating space
  • City: Irpen
  • Total area: 7500 m2
  • Period: 1 month
As a result of cooperation, a project for launching a territory for rent has been prepared, with securing approvals.

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