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Real Estate Development


1. Initial analysis of assets to an object of type Brownfield;
2. SWOT analysis of development assessment and primary investment attraction;
3. Create a development concept;
4. Transfer of the facility to management;
5. Redevelopment.

The role of the Management Bureau is to:

  • creation of conditions for connecting (joining) participants to engineering networks and communications; -
  • arrangement of internal networks;
  • arrangement of common areas;
  • attracting residents;
  • solving issues of service, which is associated with their localization, these are legal, organizational and technical issues;
  • general services;
  • leadership in the clustering of participants;
  • the formation of common and new channels for the supply of raw materials and sales;
  • promoting the growth of participants through the presentation of their individual capabilities and synergies;
  • the formation of an appropriate business culture; - independently or on behalf of the participants to receive permits.              

Areas of activity of the company "Management Bureau":

  • the formation of a developed and effective, modern and innovative infrastructure to support enterprises and organizations;
  • promoting the development of clustering;
  • support for business and services for entrepreneurs;
  • creation of infrastructure;
  • creation of attractive business locations and more.

What gives DEVELOPMENT industrial objects like Brownfield?

  • Improving investment attractiveness;
  • The appearance on the market of a new competitive product;
  • Increase the export potential of enterprises;
  • Promoting business development;
  • Creation of new production facilities;
  • Creation of new jobs;
  • Integrated infrastructure development; I
  • mproving the living standards of the population of the city, etc.


Unified base of Industrial parks of Ukraine (UIDP).

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