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Real estate management is a comprehensive trust management of real estate that organizes passive income and is aimed at lobbying the interests of the property owner. Property management is divided into two main services, PROPERTY MANAGEMENT and FACILITY MANAGEMENT.


Using a wide range of marketing tools, our own pool, MANAGEMENT BUREAU Company forms the loyalty and attractiveness of objects for customers.

The employees of MANAGEMENT BUREAU are constantly motivated to improve the quality of the facilities, to increase the image and recognition of the properties for tenants, to reduce the vacancy of the leased space and increase the profitability of the facilities.

Property management Ukraine


  • The setting of the control system, adapted to the features of the object
  • Analysis of the conformity of the object of the market situation, the development and implementation of marketing programs to promote the object
  • Preparation, implementation, maintenance, monitoring and improvement of regulatory, regulatory and accounting documentation at the facility
  • Development and organization of the navigation and advertising space of the object
  • Recruitment and change of tenants of an object in order to improve the quality of the object, as well as achieve its maximum occupancy and profitability
  • Verification of documentation of potential tenants
  • Building effective relationships with tenants, administering their activities and workflow, implementing a tenant retention program
  • Analysis and stimulation of the success and effectiveness of tenants
  • Organization of the collection and control of the receipt of all tenant payments
  • Administration of the activities of the services of a commercial property
  • Making recommendations to the services of the owner of the facility: technical, legal, financial and security
  • Reception, transfer and delivery of an object under the Act

Property management Ukraine


Maintenance of buildings and periodic engineering audits are an urgent regular need for each operating facility.

To solve this problem, objects of industrial and commercial real estate use the services of specialized companies for outsourcing. Prior to the opening of the facility, management companies are involved in the work, who take the equipment into operation, conduct its regular preventive maintenance, control and adaptation to the features of the facility. It is enough to carry out routine maintenance, the availability of on-call specialists, and a trip to the emergency brigade in the event of an unexpected breakdown. In turn, the management company can simultaneously service dozens of facilities, reducing costs at each individual facility and constantly improving its skills through extensive experience in servicing various systems and volumes.

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